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About Us

Evolutionary Technologies was started in 2014 by 3 passionate individuals who were out on a mission to bring new technologies that modernized the old, dirty tech landscape. By creating enhanced designs, products, and tools, EvTech is able to bring the future look and feel of the internet into the present.

EvTech is currently providing its expertise in various service industries such as IBM i Power Servers, .NET Development environments, and more! Everyday, EvTech strives to provide its clients and end users with the best holistic solution that address all of their technological issues, including aesthetics, functionality, and usability.

The team at EvTech prides itself on the collaboration it has with its clients, commitment to excellence it delivers in quality, and in the creation of innovative solutions that enables modern designs to speak for themselves. Reach out to us today to so we can modernize the world together!

How It Works

1. Discuss

The key to success is to identify the problem and solve it in the best manner possible. Our clients drive the conversation and we help identify the challenges they are facing. Our expert team’s use of software development best practices will help you reach your goal.

2. Design

We plan before we execute to ensure a robust design with a high quality and polished solution. Our engineers work with your design team to draw out a blueprint for implementation.

3. Develop

Our team of experts are versed in various languages and frameworks. Solutions are optimized for our clients after thorough testing and preparation.

4. Deploy

We deploy with simplicity and ease. Our team utilizes proprietary DevOps tools and delivers a working solution swiftly.


Our developers are proficient in C#, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, Forms, VB.NET, and Entity Framework. Our development abilities range from designing custom features and WPF controls for your application to building out entire full-scale enterprise solutions.


Achieve the most from your IBM i power servers. We have expertise in building reports, custom RPG IV developments, refactoring from older RPG applications, DDS screen creations, and creating web API services.


Coupled with the power of IBM ia��s server is an outdated user interface that isna��t friendly to the eye or rich in feature. We can convert all of your application screens to a customizable web front-end that enhances accessibility, functionality, and usability.


Wea��re here to bring the most out of your database. Whether ita��s data migrations, building out an entire database architecture for your application, or optimizing databases for more efficient SQL transactions, our database experts are here to help.


We provide the development skills to optimize web apps, whether ita��s building out web services, custom APIs, front-end development, back-end development, or full-stack development, while ensuring seamless deployment and integration of your web application.


Already have a development team? We can help provide supplementary expertise in specific areas, and assist in planning and designing solutions for your projects. We are promoting collaboration to ensure an expedited, high-quality development process.

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